Javier Gil Valiente

Graphic Designer

Javier is a graphic designer enthusiastic in areas that contain illustrative techniques execution, favouring the transmission of the narrative in his creations. Fascinated by minimalist aesthetics and its principles based on simplicity and functionality, he carries out his practice attempting to capture emotions through the universal language of geometric shapes and pure colours. The representation of a subtle beauty acquired by both treatments captivates his attention the most.


Javier has been working on a poster campaign to raise awareness of the ignorance and disadvantaged cause of people diagnosed with the chronic disease fibromyalgia syndrome. The pieces present a series of illustrations that embody desolation and the constant suffering of the people who coexist with this syndrome. The figures acquire positions of self-protection, exposing fragile nudity in the representation of vulnerability. Plants emerge from the principal pain points recognized in this disease. These symbolize the persistence of pain in sync with the beauty that exists around us. The set of selected elements aims to give voice and visibility to the conceptualization of fibromyalgia as "the invisible disease".