Hayley Cartwright

Graphic Designer

Hayley is a bubbly character with an eye for precision, a passion for organisation and a love for all things design. She prides herself on these skills in her creative practice as a graphic designer.


Hayley accredits her creative flair to her Grandma who always gave her arts and crafts projects during school holidays. Its her belief that she wouldn’t be on track for a creative career without her Grandma’s early influences and would like to thank her for giving her an artistic start in life.


She draws inspiration from many creative disciplines with her love of music and literature fuelling the work she produces. She has a keen interest in all areas of design but branding and identity projects have her designer’s heart. Looking at design around her and leaflets put through the letter box are a daily occurrence and her parents call her a total nerd for being interested in fonts and colour schemes.


Hayley is presenting a new project under the title of Adsgressive Tendencies, which is about tackling unethical advertising.