Colin Faulkner

Fine Artist

Colin’s interests have been moulded by growing up in a predominantly urban and industrial working-class landscape. He has been influenced by a background in technical drawing, design and engineering, resulting in the appeal of industrial architecture, repeating patterns, texture, urban landscapes and illustration. Colour and the abstract nature of close-ups is also something which interests him, presenting the opportunity to be more expressive and figurative. Recently he has strived to examine more closely what surrounds us as he feels we often miss the scaffold of society and life.

The process of noticing, reflecting, experimenting and expressing is often started on location. Observing, being mindful, note taking, sketching and photographing create an initial perception of place and feelings. Afterwards, post processing and reflection establishes a deeper and sometimes more revealing perception and platform for expression. This approach allows him to interrogate the more overlooked aspects of experience as he attempts to elevate subjects in a way that is thought provoking and memorable because of this.

Colin uses various media to achieve the finish that best reflects what he is trying to express and believes, whilst media selection is important, the concept of the artwork is more so.