Becky Jones


Rebecca has been a photographer since she was just 15 years old, as she initially studied GCSE Photography, of which she was really inspired to continue to do as an A-Level qualification the following two years. When she had left school in 2015, she pursued her passion for photography by studying a HND Photography course, in order to enhance her technical skills in using her camera, as well as discovering more aspects of photography which she fell in love with; such as food photography, cosplay photography and photojournalism.

Since completing her HND in 2017, Rebecca did various photography work and volunteering in the industry, whilst balancing it with other part-time jobs. She then decided to apply for the BA Honours in Creative Arts and Design Practice, of which since she has developed more photography knowledge and building a body of work surrounding the world of Drag Queens and the LGBTQ+ community. She has also built new relationships with drag queens ranging locally from Birmingham, to Brighton and even New York! Rebecca would love to become a photojournalist in the near future as she wants to tell stories with her photography and put on exhibitions for the world to see.