Amber Bassi


Amber is a photographer who centres her practice around portraits and headshots. She produces topical pieces of work; asking questions of the here and now and explores ways of identifying current social and environmental issues. Amber takes advantage of digital technologies and media to develop her concepts further to create vivid, provoking yet relatable pieces of work. Her current work is orientated around the current global pandemic; COVID-19. She heavily researches the changes in circumstances of individuals and organisations, and what impacts these have on society. 
Her drive is shown by her conviction in consistently producing high standard pieces of work. The limitation in resources and materials have inspired her to reinvent the ways of creating media, by drawing influence from any outlets such as personal struggles, ingenuous ways of coping and the growing reliance on the internet. 
Given the opportunity, Amber will seek a way of updating her ways of working to fit the appropriate format. Through various ways of producing media, Amber wants to show that there is always a need for change and a battle to overcome; the pandemic is a prime example of this. The variety in her work emphasises how change is always due, and we are only to welcome it.