We are Novacreate.


9 individuals under 3 different disciplines: Fine Art, Photography and Graphic Design, which make up the Oxford Brookes University's BA (Hons) Creative Arts & Design Practice course at Solihull College.


It has been challenging to exercise our usual creative methods as a result of COVID-19 and the barriers it has produced.


We have faced this obstacle together, taking on specific roles and trusting in one another to fulfil them, which has allowed us to coherently collaborate and adapt our ways of working to suit the needs of not only our own projects, but also each other’s.


Due to social distancing guidelines and COVID-19 regulations, we have made the decision to virtually document our final exhibition. The work shown is just a small insight into what we have tirelessly created this year. We are presenting our final work, which has evolved through numerous lockdowns.


Here, we Unfold.